Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I couldn't take Monday off work to recover, as I need my day off for next Saturday, to go to a backgammon tournament in Somerset.

I was really hanging by the end of the day, and shortly after getting home and having a glass of wine I fell asleep, and slept most of the night...

A bit stiff today, but at least I am rested. I guess I still throw myself into this stuff.

Talking to a hundred strangers (in French!) is quite a a strain on the brain, and keeping one's spirits up during long boring periods, when no-one wants to talk to you, uses energy as well. Generally I pour energy into the show biz thing - when I used to do my 40 minute solo show it felt afterwards as though I had done the 100 metres in 10 seconds, or a five minute mile (or is that sex, I forget...)

Anyway - I had to get into a high energy state. And it was the same for the 15 minute street show - I used to psyche myself right up so as to be able to grab people's attention and hold it amidst all the distractions of a public space.

Anyway - I will slowly recover, no doubt, even at my age.

I don't have any further plans for conventions, so the bubble may have burst, but I have enjoyed them all so far.

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