Saturday, March 29, 2003

I am slowly being drawn into the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans. It's OK. I enjoy it. The only real problem I have is that I am not really a fan myself. I have nothing against it, mind you. I have had phases of enjoying sci-fi books ( but usually the off-centre stuff like Philip K Dick or Kurt Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan), and had a longish run of watching Star Trek (back in the 80s), but (to give you a clue) my favourite sci-fi movies would include Dark Star ("didn't he tell us that four years ago?" "No, it was four years ago) and Galaxy Quest (especially Alan Rickman, "by Grabthar's hammer!")

It's not just my lack of respect for the solemn, reverential attitude that most people have to sci-fi - the quasi-religious stuff - I have nothing against that (all religions are quasi-religions to me, none better or worse than another - being a Jedi seems equally valid as me claiming to be a self-elected Taoist) - Nah, it's the idea that god (or goddess) is somehow serious! Looking around all I see is mad exuberant creativity in nature, laced with a fierce sense of humour - creation and destruction all wound up if there IS any purpose behind it it seems more like Dali....

I recommend the Church of the Sub-Genius to those who need to find Bob, and hand over all responsibility, and time and money, to a guru. I recommend Robert Anton Wilson to all those who would prefer to contemplate this great dazzling sideshow without jumping to conclusions. I recommend you don't spend as much time reading over my shoulder, as I waffle away to my online notebook.

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