Wednesday, February 26, 2003

It's nice to make people happy. The Star Wars gang are very interested in the call sheets I found (thin pickings I am afraid).

Yesterday I heard a friend of one of my co-workers is a Labyrinth fan, so he's very excited about seeing the script/storyboards/call sheets etc. I have even kept my crew shirt (it's one of the few that I really liked). And also a few shots of the set/location (when young Keili came to visit). I will have to look through the negatives, as the prints in the envelope are probably not the best ones (they got given away at the time).

Bit by bit (over the years) I have given away my ROTJ and Dark Crystal crew stuff. I couldn't stand the Union Jack on the Roger Rabbit one (British crew), I wore the Little Shop T-Shirt "Feed Me!" to death, and so on.

Hey ho. Anyway, I will be sending copies of this stuff to a couple of people who are interested in the information in the call sheets. My first problem is that Chapter III Productions used non-standard paper, so A4 is too small and A3 is too big (Doh!), and I'll probably have to do it on A3 and then guillotine them. Humph.

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