Wednesday, December 11, 2002

It's beginning to freeze here, now. Really bleak weather. I've put my long-johns on today - not glamorous, I know, but they work!

Saw Mr Jules in the library [if that link to his page is a bit slow, try this link to one of his agents] - but I didn't get to juggling or the pub afterwards. I'd lit a fire and opened a bottle of wine, and was watching the current David Attenborough on Mammals...herbivores (my veggie buddies) or 'plant predators' as he called them.

Going to the convention meant I had time off work without any rest - so I am a bit shattered at the moment - and just want to hibernate. Still, it was fun, and a distinct change of routine. [Yes, Wayne, I did get Mike Q to sign your cards, they're on the way].

Bits of me still seem to ache. I have a kind of RSI in my right hand/arm, from mouse use and I switched the buttons, and am using mouse left-handed, both in work and at home. Now my left arm hurts too! Doh!

Just gotta find some other activities.

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