Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I was a bit disappointed, in my tea-break, to put 'atheist christmas' into Google hoping to find a little like-mindedness, and finding instead a bunch of atheists explaining why it's OK for them to be celebrating Christmas anyway (it's secular, it's family, it's pagan, it's historical - it's memories of their childhood, etc).

Doh! I guess it really will have to be a Buddhist Retreat next year. I've already done the research. But then again, how hypocritical is it for me to zoom off and meditate and so on, when I am not a Buddhist either!

At least Jews don't tell me off for not celebrating Channukah......

And then, the final bizarre touch - all the Google pages of Christians who don't celebrate Christmas because of its pagan roots!

It was a real joy, and a relief, to finally come across the Xmas Resistance Movement, and even such a simple letter as Why I Don't Celebrate Christmas.

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