Thursday, September 12, 2002

Time flying by. I completely missed my sister's birthday on August 31st. I had a week in which I performed, worked in the library, put up our big top to be the drag queen cabaret for Mardi Gras, worked in the library, then took the tent down again - all while other people were having a National Holiday, etc.

I mised snail mail card, then email on the day, then the belated birthday greeting. Sorry Julia, I hope it was a fine time, and the usual Aquarian apology for missing it completely, while thinking about you throughout the day in question (but that hardly counts, except to an Air sign, I guess.)

Busy times.

Keili is still here, and we are squeezing in some good talks. The building work drags on, but the kitchen is beginning to look pretty amazing (no thanks to me). I still dread the loft conversion (taking the roof off in the winter!)

I must get back into Blogger, and explore some of the wonderful new controls that come with ProBlogger. I can't put this up for competition with so little thought put into the 'look' OR the content. Ho Hum.

I still have three other blogs on the system, a couple of private hidden ones and the previous public one. I should work out how to pull them down and archive or store any of the good stuff.

There's Dog Tired and Bone Weary
Thinking Allowed
and Home from Home

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