Friday, September 20, 2002

I have just noticed that (when testing the possibility of posting to the blog by e-mail) I sent one from my work mail (Council's version of Outlook) yesterday, and it didn't arrive, even yet. Nor did I get a message back (as happens) about inappropriate use of Council resources or whatever. I'll wait and see.

If anyone wants to know, I did the posting in my teabreak, and it is all (anyway) part of my job to understand the new resources becoming available - right now I am mentoring various members of staff in how to use online conferencing, for instance. So there.

Actually, I don't understand why it would be particularly useful, as most places I could email from would also let me visit Blogger direct. Still, perhaps that curious 'mobile phone' culture out there could use it.

I am a Selective Luddite.

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