Saturday, August 17, 2002

Well, look at this! A month or more has gone, and this is just another dead site on the Web. In my last posting I even managed to leave a dead link to a temporary page of other performers from Cardiff (I've removed it now).

A lot has happened. Keili came to visit, and is still around, which is gr-r-r-r-eat. The circus finished their Sci Circus tour in the little blue tent, and also staged a large-scale community show, ImMortal in their new UFO tent (I was even talked into making a phoney 'contactee' site to back up a letter written to the local press about allowing the UFO tent to be put up on ley lines, or some such nonsense.

I just received a multiple signing picture from Brandon York, which I signed and sent back. I seem to have vaguely committed myself to going to a JediCon in December, as I couldn't make the one in August. 'HR' Nielsen kindly offered to help me make pictures up for signing. He told me all about how conventions work, and then I thought I'd like to play with making the pictures myself, until I found that I don't have any high quality images for printing (they look alright on the Web). I may have to humbly return to him for further help and advice.

Just in passing (and this is NOT a dig at you, Brandon!) people send me International Reply Coupons for which they have paid good money - which I can trade for return stamps. Each one that Brandon sent (for instance) cost him $1.75, but all I get for that is a first class stamp to the States, (47p). That's a big markup for the postal services, and I often end up paying the balance of air mail stamps out of my own pocket. This is fairly typical of my life, when something I do (which should make a profit) ends up costing me!

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