Thursday, October 04, 2001

I will leave the old Blog up for a bit, while I work through it, seeing if there is anything I want to save. I am not at all sure that I can get at it all if I just download the Archives. I also have a moribund one - called Dog Tired and Bone Weary, (for ranting to myself) and another called Family Gatherings, which is a (very slow moving) forum for members (yes) of my family...It doesn't really catch on, because people don't use these technologies all the time, whereas I clock off from the computer room, and then spend at least part of my break-time playing (like now). Playing and learning are more or less the same to me. And if I can integrate working into that playing/learning realm, then I am a happy man. Hence juggling, and writing, and acrobatics, and puppetry, and running clown workshops, etc.....

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